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Dryer Vent Hazards

It is no secret that clogged and poorly maintained dryer vents are both dangerous and expensive to operate. If you know what your looking for spotting when your vent needs service is easy but the signs are not always so obvious, so here is list of common signs to help you figure out if your dryer vent needs service.

The Dryer


· Normal Drying time exceeds 45 - 50 minutes for average size loads

· Average sized loads take two or three cycles to dry completely

· The washer / dryer area is humid and / or damp

· Lint in the lint.-trap is moist or damp

· There is visible lint in the dryer beyond the lint trap

The Dryer Vent Hose

IMG 0798

· Build-up of lint around the venting hose

· Venting hose is kinked or pinched

· Connections are loose or disconnected

· White or vinyl venting hose

Exterior Vent Hood

IMG 0963

· Louvers or damper missing

· Lint collecting around vent hood

· Grass or straw visible in vent hood

· Louvers or damper doesn’t move or moves little while dryer is cycling

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